Our Mission

The members of BADA-UK believe that awareness amongst the general public and the healthcare and veterinary profession is key to the prevention of tick-borne disease cases throughout the UK and Ireland. As there are currently no vaccines to defend against such infections, awareness and understanding is of paramount importance.

As an organisation, we continue to hear of, or witness directly, incidents where members of the public are ignorant to the existence of ticks or tick-borne disease in the UK and Ireland. Of greater concern are the incidents where healthcare or veterinary professionals have denied their existence. BADA-UK strives to remedy this situation, whilst actively encouraging enjoyment of the great outdoors, which is of great importance to both mental and physical wellbeing.

Fire Officer Andy had a long battle with the effects of Lyme disease and received information and support from BADA-UK. It was this help that inspired him to become a volunteer and later a trustee of the charity.

“It’s very rewarding to know that you’re helping to prevent others from suffering as you did. It’s a real eye-opener to talk to the public and realise that many people are as clueless as I was about tick-borne disease”

To achieve our aims, we endeavour to widely disseminate evidence-based and up-to-date information. BADA-UK is currently the only proactive public education strategy that exists in the UK, and stands apart from other organisations by presenting information directly to the public through our national Tick Bite Prevention Week and educational exhibits, talks and presentations; rather than waiting for people to seek it out.

BADA-UK encourages further research to help remedy the significant gaps in current knowledge about tick-borne diseases particular to the UK and Ireland, and strives to highlight the clinical differences between endemic diseases and related infections in other areas of Europe and the world.

BADA-UK has worked in partnership with other organisations to tailor information especially for certain disciplines, and welcomes future approaches to do likewise.